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Get An Aesthetic Look With Zirconia Crowns

A Crown is otherwise called a dental cap which is put on a tooth. Crown restores normal shape, size, and function of teeth. It is most preferred to make the teeth stronger and improve the aesthetic look.

Dental crown acts as a tooth cap to partially or completely damaged teeth and it securely fills the gaps, restores the smile. Fixing crown also improves biting and chewing habits that would positively impact on the body system such as the digestive system.

When & why is a dental crown necessary?

After completing a root canal, the tooth shall be covered with a dental crown in order to avoid fractures
  • To shield a weak tooth from breaking or holding together the parts of a cracked tooth
  • To uphold a dental bridge in its place
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To make a cosmetic change
  • To restore the broken and worn out tooth
  • To hide discolored tooth
  • To cover a large filling

How is a dental crown placed?

There are many steps involved in dental crown fixing. Minimum 2 dental visits are required to complete the treatment.
Firstly, the patient is locally numbed with anesthesia. Then, the dentist removes the outer portion of the affected tooth to fit the crown at its position. A dental impression is taken to provide the exact model for the crown.

Normally, at least 1-2 weeks will take to receive the permanent crown. So, a temporary crown is placed to protect the damaged tooth till the time. The temporary crown may be sensitive to cold and hot, so better avoid chewing, drinking or eating hot and cold food. And the color of the permanent crown will be as natural as an original tooth.

Once the new crown is ready, the dentist places it in the mouth by removing the temporary crown and makes the necessary adjustments. The patient will be asked to bite to check whether the crown is properly fixed. Once the fixation is confirmed, the crown is finally cemented in place.

If you would like to stick on to the best of the best crowns, then the ultimate option is ZIRCONIA Crowns. It is made of Zirconia which is highly durable & strong. Zirconia crown is more preferred than Porcelain fused to metal crown. Since the porcelain on the metal-ceramic crown can chip off while biting hard foods. Zirconia crown is made from a single block of Zirconia, as a result, it becomes the best tooth cap in Delhi.

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