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Smile Designing : Weaving Your Smile As You Want!

So, we begin our day with full positivity and the first look you have in the mirror will welcome you with the bright smile too! You spend the rest of your day radiating this positivity through your smile. At the end of your day, you smile at yourselves to tuck you back into a smile to wake up to the next morning. Smile has its important role in upbringing positive energy and confidence in you and the people surrounding you. But, do you have trouble in expressing yourselves through a smile? Crystal Dental Centre is here with the best of the solutions to help you regain your lost confidence and happiness through the novel strategy of SMILE DESIGNING.


 Smile Designing

It is the process of designing perfect smile for you according to the needs and purposes of the client. We, at Crystal Dental Care, the best in smile makeover in Delhi, design and put into effect, the needs of your smile. Smile designing includes different processes of dental whitening, tooth straightening, artificial dentition etc.


Smile Designing Cost..?


The cost of smile designing cannot be pre-decided as it is customised. For each patient, the needs and the requirements might be different and thus the resulting cost of the procedure too might be different. Still, at Crystal Dental Centre, we aim to get all the procedures done for the patient at costs fitting your pockets and results warming your hearts.


How Long ?

The smile designing procedure can take up to 3-4 weeks. But if implants are also involved in the procedure, it can extend to a couple of months.


Procedures in Smile designing


    • porcelain veneers and crowns
    • Shaping the chipped, broken teeth into shape
    • Straightening the dental line
    • In cases of missing tooth, artificial dentition is used
    • Dental jewellery (if interested)
    • Gum Lifting procedures
    • Teeth whitening
Tooth bleaching has been one of the prime specializations of Crystal Dental Centre in Delhi and finds an important space in the smile makeover procedures

Crystal Dental Centre has been very profound in the smile designing in Delhi with the substantial amount of testimonials from the patients. We do care to bring up your confidence and pride through smile designing, so delay not to reach us!

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